The Laughing Journey

Life is a Journey… Let Go and Enjoy the Ride!


Welcome to the Laughing Journey. As with any journey, this site is a work in progress but with time (and the right wifi connection) the next steps WILL come. Feel free to take a look around and keep coming back to ‘follow the laughter.’

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Christie. I am a graphic artist by trade and a nomadic loving spirit at heart. Grateful to have had a career as a graphic artist for nearly 15+ years, I’ve also been fortunate to pursue many other interests and dreams including travel, adventure, photography and 3-dimensional art. Just over a year ago, I was asked to bid on a snow sculpture gig at one of Colorado’s ski resorts. In order to do so, I started Laughing Hands Studio knowing it would be the start of something fulfilling, collaborative and fun!

My vision was one that would provide not only the inner bliss that comes from the process of creating, but also a fun, creative and collaborative environment where people can be themselves, share what they know, and have fun doing what they love and loving what they do… TOGETHER! I do believe that we can “be the change we want to see in this world” by staying true to ourselves and our passion, but I’m not sure that we can do it alone!

With all the love and support that I’ve been surrounded by throughout the years, I knew in my heart that this new venture would eventually allow me to once again get back out on the road, reunite with the children I worked with in Rwanda 11 years ago, travel the world, meet new people and hopefully learn new skills that might lead me a little closer towards my life’s purpose.

So, after a year of hard work and self discipline, I have a one way ticket to Rwanda in hand and a life full of more serendipitous moments than I could ever imagine. With no set itinerary aside from a few intentions of helping old and new friends along the way, my hope is that by sharing my experiences and their stories, I too can make a difference in this world … if even just by helping a few. Please continue to visit my blog, under the link “Follow the Laughter,” meet the characters I hope I can help along the way and enjoy the adventures that are bound to come as each day unfolds.