The Laughing Journey

Life is a Journey… Let Go and Enjoy the Ride!


Laughing Hands Studio artist, Christie Abel, loves working with wood. On all of her family camping trips as a kid, you could always find her at the campfire with her swiss army knife widdling away. After being challenged to create a ‘self portrait,’ in the form of a ‘ladder,’ (which was to represent her life, or a part of it) she chose to take on the challenge and concentrated on one big part of her life… her travels and work in Africa!

Christie uses abstract forms to create the continent of Africa, using negative space. The abstract forms represent all those who have supported her and the unveiling of her journey. Spirits intertwined and ever-evolving support one another by sharing their passions and together making this place a better world. The terraced base represents the volcanic landscapes, life and growth of those areas where her roots are tied. She also uses tree branches and twine to keep it natural, as her passion for nature and wood is in it’s purest sense. The top spirit on the right is her rising to the next rung of her ‘ladder’ (life), with awareness and gratitude for all those who have helped her become who she is!

More photos to come…


Self Portrait... African spirits

Self Portrait… African spirits

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