The Laughing Journey

Life is a Journey… Let Go and Enjoy the Ride!


Laughing Hands Studio was honored to bring ‘Patrick the Penguin’ to life at Keystone Resort, in Keystone, CO. As one of the early season sculptures, we were extremely thankful for the snow crew who delivered snow after our forms were built and ready to be filled. Once the snow is dumped, it’s pertinent to make sure the snow is PACKED as firmly as possible, demanding one of the most intense stomping, dancing and shovel wacking sessions you can imagine. After that the snow is left in the forms overnight (sometimes for days) to cure and soon thereafter you can release the forms and start unveiling the magic.

Our crew included myself, Keith Martin and Katharine Nelson. Even though we had a vision of what Patrick was to look like, we didn’t have him named until our last day. Keith told us ‘Patrick’ came to him in his dream the night prior, but Katharine and I weren’t sold on it. Later that afternoon, I asked the first set of kids that came to visit what they thought his name should be… and without any hesitation the first girl who spoke up said, “Patrick”… so there you have it. Meet Patrick!


Here comes the snow!

Here comes the snow!

Dumping into first base form

Dumping snow into first 4 foot base form

A Girl and her tools!

A girl and her tools!

After taking off the second/top (4ft) form, we carved the top of the head and released the bottom 4 ft form ready to reveal more!

After taking off the top 4ft form, we carved the top of the head and soon thereafter released the bottom 4 ft form ready to reveal more!

Tickle the Belly!

Tickle the Belly!

A Penguin needs flappers!

Every penguin needs flappers!

Patrick the Penguin... & Laughing Hands Studio Crew!

Patrick the Penguin… with the Laughing Hands Studio crew!

3 Happy Quakers ... Job well done with lots of fun!

3 Happy Quakers

Visitors pose with Patrick and the creators soon grab brooms for maintenance

Family with Patrick before this crew member starts sweeping off the new falling snow.


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